Tufting studio MOKO

We have tufting workshop in Tokyo. 
We are now accepting reservations
at these studios below.

Koenji Studio
1F, 2-22-2 Koenji Kita, Suginami-ku
(2 minutes walk from Koenji Station)

October 14th (Friday) 11:00~/15:00~
October 15th (Sat) 11:00~/15:00~
October 16th (Sun) 11:00~/15:00~

Shibuya Studio
Shibuya-ku Shibuya 2-5-9 Pal Aoyama 502
(Shibuya Station 8 minutes on foot, Omotesando Station 9 minutes on foot)

November 12 (Sat) 11:00~/15:00~
November 13 (Sun) 11:00~/15:00~
December 10 (Sat) 11:00~/15:00~
December 11 (Sun) 11:00~/15:00~


*Please read before booking

Duration:  About 2-4 hours
Price:  13,000 yen (tax included)
Size:  about 35c x 35c
Design:  Customer's original design 
Capacity:  4 people / 1 class
                 (complete reservation system)
Payment method:  Payment at the time of reservation
                              (credit card only)
Target age:  over the age of 12
     ● If you would like to make a tufting mirror,
  additional payment (500 yen) on-site
       as a mirror fee is required.
  ● We will ship your item after finishing 
        about 2-3 weeks.
     ● Only one companion per person is allowed

◆ About the design
    ● The maximum number of yarn colors is 5.
    ● Please prepare your own design and send it to 
       the official line account at least 5 days before the workshop.
      *For customers who cannot use on LINE, we also accept
       talk via or Instagram DM.

★ MOKO has a designer who works at apparel industry.
    We are very happy to help you for consulting
    about the design and color combinations of your rugs.
    If you need any help, please feel free to contact us. :)
    (*We may ask you to make corrections
n the case of designs that you make are difficult
      to make (ex. too much complicated designs))

◆ Cancellation fee (per person)
~ 7 days before: 0 yen
6-5 days before: 30% (3,900 yen)
4-2 days before: 50% (6,500 yen)
 1 day before to the day: 100% (13,000 yen)
*The schedule cannot be changed under any circumstances.

◆Request from MOKO
Please disinfect your hands before and after
   entering the store.
● Please cooperate with wearing a mask except
   when eating and drinking.
● If you have a temperature of
   37.5 degrees Celsius or higher,
 please refrain attending the workshop. 

◆ Injuries and accidents during the workshop
We cannot take any responsibility even
in the event of an accident or injury.
Please be very careful on the day.

[* Please register with LINE official account]
After making a reservation, we will talk
on the LINE official account about the designs.
Please register from the friend addition displayed below
and send the name of the person
who made the reservation on the talk screen.

*For customers who cannot use on LINE,
we also accept talk via
or Instagram DM. After completing the reservation,
please send us the name of the person making the reservation.