One-day class for tourists


We have added a class with English instruction, which offers flexibility to align with your travel plans.
All tasks can be completed during the class, so feel free to take your work with you on the same day.


<One-day class>
Product: Rug (chair mat)
Size: Total length and width is 60 cm
ex) 30cm×30cm, 25cm ×35cm
Time required: Approximately 3 to 5hours
Price: 17,000yen (tax included)
Design: Customer's original design
Payment method: Payment at time of reservation (credit card only)

<How to reserve>
Please fill in the following items
and contact us to

① Date (*weekday only)
② the class start from 11:00 but If you have a preferred time, please fill it out
③ The number of people (up to 4 people per class)




 We are excited to welcome you!